Indoor and Outdoor Menu Boards in Bryan-College Station

Highpoint in Bryan-College Station has helped local restaurants and bars capture their customers attention with easy to read and fully custom indoor and outdoor menu boards and digital displays for over 25 years.

Indoor Digital Menu Boards in Bryan-College Station

Illuminated Menu Boards will create a more inviting and positive experience for your customers. Each illuminated menu board from Highpoint is custom designed and fabricated to fit your unique brand and your needs. Because they use bright and attention-grabbing LED illumination you will never have to worry about dim or inconsistent lighting. Highpoints custom illuminated menu boards can be mounted just about anywhere and angled specifically to grab your customers attention. Our industry experts are ready to help you take your menu from dull and uninteresting to vibrant and exciting.

Custom Digital Menu Boards Designed to Impress!

Are you in the market for a new digital display or LED menu board but don’t know which one to choose? Why not choose both? Highpoint has help bar owners and restaurant owners solve this problem for over 25 years with our custom “hybrid” option which combines the best of bother worlds. Utilizing both LED menu boards and digital displays create a unique and custom solution just for you. The best thing about utilizing Digital displays along with LED menu boards is how versatile they can be in allowing you to simply change, add, or remove menu items to keep your customers up to date with the most current menu options. At Highpoint we will take the time to walk you through all your menu board options and help you choose the solution that is right for you.

Outdoor Digital Menu Bards Increase Efficiency and Reduce Wait Times

Highpoint’s outdoor digital menu boards can help boost sales, increase efficiency, and reduce wait times. With their vibrant, high-definition picture, outdoor digital menu boards are designed to make it easier for your drive-thru customers to read the menu and make their orders in a timelier fashion. Not only can it improve your restaurants performance, but outdoor digital menu boards are also weatherproof, they provide a low operating cost, a sleek and modern design and easy installation. Just like our indoor menu boards, these menus can be updated on the go remotely and in real-time. With all of these features, an outdoor digital menu board will produce a seamless drive-thru experience for your customers and will help your operations run much more efficiently.

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