Custom Awnings in Bryan-College Station

Installing custom awnings for your Bryan-College station business will help your restaurant or retail shop attract more potential customers and can help build your brand and increase familiarity in your community.

Awnings Are Custom Designed To Fit Any Style Or Space

If you are searching for a custom awning near me, you may become overwhelmed with the large number of styles, functions and even providers. Highpoint is here to help you navigate these options and choose a custom awning design, style, size and shape to best fulfill your business needs.

Whether you are looking for added shade to shield your customers from the Texas summer heat, protection from fluctuating Texas weather, or you want to add an eye-catching addition to your business, Highpoint's custom awnings are designed to fit any purpose and will help you stand apart from your competition.

Commercial Awnings and Canopies Can Build Your Brand

Commercial awnings and canopies with your branded logo makes a significant contribution to establishing your brand and capturing the attention of potential customers. With a dedicated design team that has been creating custom commercial awnings and canopies for over 30 years, Highpoint has the proven skills and expertise to enhance your location’s appeal. In addition to designing your commercial awning, Highpoint will execute the installation to ensure complete accuracy and longevity for your awning. In addition to the design and installation, Highpoint offers ongoing cleaning and sealing to keep it looking brand new throughout the year.

Concave Awnings

Concave Awnings establish a unique and stylish presence that stands out in any setting. Concave Awnings add an elegant touch to any window or door and will complement the architecture of almost any home or business.

Casement Awnings

Casement awnings provide an extra layer of protection from the elements with the side wings while providing easy installation and removal. Let the custom awning experts at Highpoint help you pick the perfect awning for you!

Convex Awnings

Convex Awnings provide a fashionable and trendy covered entrance to your business or restaurant. Convex Awnings offer added beauty and style and are designed to complement almost any home or business.

Dome Awnings

Dome Awnings look amazing over large doors or entry ways and come in a variety of colors to suit your home or business. Dome Awnings deliver a bold look and high visibility to help build your brand.

Backlit Awnings

Backlit awnings create dramatic curb appeal and will elevate your business to the next level. Backlit awnings are custom fabricated for any shape or size and will greatly enhance your visibility. A Backlit Awning can transform any boring storefront into a destination for customers.

Backlit with Dormer

A custom backlit awning may the exact solution you need to attract more attention to your business! Even after you have closed down for the evening, a backlit awning will provide a bright billboard for your customers and all those who pass by your buidling to see.

Hip End Canopies

Hip End Canopies are one of the most cost-effective and functional ways to provide shade and protection from the elements for Playgrounds, Pool Areas, Patios and so much more. Highpoint with customize each Hip End Canopy to fit the needs of your space.

Gabled Entrance Canopy

A Gabled Entrance Canopy, “A” Frame Awning, provides excellent protection from the elements by shedding rain off to the sides of the awning to keep your business entrance and customers clear and dry. Customized with your logo, a Gabled Entrance Canopy can help your entryway pop.

Rounded Entrance Canopy

A Rounded Entrance Canopy gives the entrance to your business and elegant look. Coming in a variety of lengths, it can offer added protection from the elements for your customers and staff. All of Highpoints awnings and canopies are custom fabricated specifically for your business.

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