Custom Illuminated Channel Letters in Bryan-College Station

Highpoint had been manufacturing and Installing Custom Illuminated Channel Letters for all types of businesses throughout Bryan-College station for over 25 years.

Illuminated Channel Letters Will Ensure Visibility

If you want to make sure your business can be seen and found and really stand out from the sea of other companies surrounding you, Illuminated Channel Letters will ensue the visibility of your business. The great thing about channel letters from Highpoint is that we can incorporate your design elements, logo, and text to make sure we create the perfect product for you.

Channel Letters, also known as illuminated letters or 3D letters can be manufactured, displayed and illuminated a number of different ways. Channel letters can be Illuminated from within with highly efficient LED lighting, they can be backlit creating a halo effect, also referred to as a Reverse Channel Letter, or they can be lit via neon tubing. Regardless of the option you choose, Highpoint’s Illuminated Channel Letters are all custom made with the best metal and plastic materials and manufactured to meet all local electrical and building codes.

Channel Letters Offer Depth and Precision to Your Company’s Sign

Let’s be honest, your store front sign is often the first impression people will have of your business and it is known that an attractive sign will attract more customers. For this reason, you can count on Highpoint of Bryan-College Station to help you create the perfect first-impression for your customers. Channel Letters offer depth and precision to your company’s sign more so than most other signage options.

Illuminated channel letters can be a very cost-effective way to promote your business and your brand. These letter signs differ from Dimensional Letters, which are typically fabricated from metal, foam or acrylic. Channel letters, on the other hand, are typically lit from the inside which allows the light shine through and bring your design into clear focus. They can also be lit from the back, also known as reverse-lit channel letter. With so many options, we can find the style that best fits your brand and delivers your unique message. Just as it is with all custom signs from Highpoint, our illuminated channel letters are custom made to your specifications using the finest durable metals, plastics, and LED, or neon lighting.

Once we help you find the right size and style, we will help you decide how you want your new sign displayed. Our seasoned installation pros can individually mount each new channel letter directly on to your store front or interior which will keep each channel letter separate from one-another. We can also mount them on a raceway which is a prefabricated metal casing running the length of the sign. Whether or not the installation type is dictated by city ordinance pr building code, we will make sure you achieve the look and feel that you want.

What Type of Illuminated Channel Letters are Best for Your Business?

Illuminated Channel Letters are one of our most cost-effective and popular sign types. 3D Letters are a great choice for both interior and exterior sign use. Now, we just need to help you choose the type of Illuminated Channel Letter that is right for you:

Standard Illuminated
Channel Letters

Standard illuminated channel letters are an affordable and energy efficient letter sign option for your business. These channel letters are illuminated internally and wrapped with a luminous plastic face allowing the front of the letter to shine beautiful and bright.

Exposed Neon
Channel Letters

Exposed Neon Channel Letters are similar to standard Illuminated Channel Letters but come without the plastic covering. This really allows the neon to shine through and give your sign a unique presence and a beautiful glow.

Back-Lit Illuminated
Channel Letters

If you are looking for something different, Back-Lit Illuminated Channel Letters can offer a unique and bold look. Custom back-Lit letter signs can really help you set your business apart from the rest of the crowd. If you have questions, or you are just not sure, Highpoint is here to help!

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