Architectural Signage in Bryan-College Station

The Architectural Signage specialists at Highpoint are passionate about the design and installation of beautiful and seamless architectural signage inside and outside your Bryan-College Station building… And we’ve been doing it for 25+ years!

What is Architectural Signage?

It is easy to recognize different types of signs used for most businesses such as retail shops, auto body shops or restaurants… But have you have walked past a beautiful office building, hospital or corporate tower and noticed how well the signage compliments the building? It is because professional sign companies like Highpoint take the time and care necessary to design and manufacture architectural signs to function with the building and build brand identity in a very sleek and professional way. Architectural signs from Highpoint are designed with the building’s construction materials and the buildings architecture in mind to create a uniquely beautiful experience both inside and outside your building.

The first step is to determine the necessary function of the sign. Is it to display the building name, building occupants or street number on the exterior of your building? Do you need to provide directions or instructions on the interior of the building? Regardless of their function, if you need dozens or hundreds of signs that posses the same look and feel and compliment their surroundings then you need Highpoint’s architectural signage solution. Architectural signs from Highpoint will incorporate your brand identity while utilizing higher end building materials to deliver results that you can be proud of.

Build Brand Identity with Architectural Signs

Most business owners are concerned with finding a way to properly present their companies brand and build their brand identity. Promoting your brand through architectural signage is just as important as it is in any other form of advertising or marketing. It is just as important to consider the architectural style of the building and the materials already present in it’s design… this is where Highpoint comes in. The purpose of architectural signage s to compliment the style and the design of the building while promoting the client’s identity and brand in a subtle or less aggressive way.

When designing architectural signs there are three main requirements:

They must match the architectural environment and design in which they are present.
They must accurately display and communicate directions or instructions.
The must accurately integrates the client’s brand and identity.

Architectural signage is typically manufactured with higher quality materials including stone, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, or other natural materials to ensure a much longer lifespan. Architectural sings are also fabricated with a strict attention to detail to ensue proper branding and the exclusion of any blemishes such as visible seams or mounting materials such as screw heads.

Architectural Signs Compliment the Your Facility

With proper fabrication and professional installation, architectural signs will complement your facility and help define your building’s exterior while complimenting, enhancing, and integrating with its architectural design. whether for hotels, hospitals, apartments or multi-tenant office buildings, architectural signs from Highpoint are the perfect solution for you!

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